How To Protect Your Pavement From Damage Caused By Snow


If you live somewhere where it snows a lot and need to have a new parking lot installed this year, keep the tips below in mind. They will help you get the best parking lot installed for your climate, and will help you extend the life of your parking lot once it is installed. 

#1 Make Sure Your Parking Lot Has A Great Sub-base

If you are just in the process of putting in a new parking lot, talk to your concrete contractor about installing the highest quality sub-base possible. The sub-base is what is underneath your asphalt. The sub-base needs to be made of high quality materials appropriate for the climate where you live and the ground you are laying the concrete on. This varies from job to job.

The right foundation under your parking lot will prevent it from sinking, shifting and cracking due to the stress that snow can put on your parking lot. Your parking lot will last longer when it has a strong foundation.

#2 Use Porous Asphalt

There are many different types of asphalt that you can use to create your parking lot. One of the keys to making your parking lot last a long time when you live somewhere that gets snowy winters is proper drainage. Proper drainage can be achieved, in part, by using the right asphalt.

Talk to your contractor about using porous asphalt. Porous asphalt allows water to melt and drain through your asphalt, down to the stone layer under your parking lot and then into the local water table.

This worked particularly well with snow, because snow tends to melt faster on asphalt surfaces because they are dark; when the snow melts fast, it needs somewhere to go. Using porous asphalt ensures that the snow always has somewhere to go and will not pool up. When water pools up and sits on your parking lot, it can cause long-term damage.

#3 Sealcoat On Time

In order to extend the life of your new parking lot once it is laid down, you need to stay on top of maintenance. A big part of maintenance with asphalt parking lots is sealcoating. Your parking lot should be sealcoated every couple of years during the spring or summer months when it is warm outside. Sealcoating will fill in small cracks in your concrete and keep it in the best shape possible for as long as possible.

#4 Use Snow Chemicals Sparingly

Finally, when you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, you probably use salt and other chemicals to melt the snow in your parking lot. Although your asphalt can generally withstand these chemicals, they can cause damage to the sub-base under your parking lot, and will wash away any lines you have painted on your pavement. Use as little snow melting chemicals as possible to extend the life of your parking lot. 

Using the right building materials and staying on top of maintenance are the key to keeping your new asphalt parking lot looking great for a long time when you live in a snowy climate. For more information, contact a company like Akko Ltd Cement Finishers driveways


6 April 2016

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