Gorgeous Ideas For Concrete Countertops


When you're planning a new or remodeled kitchen, concrete might not be the first material you think about. However, concrete is more than a durable material. Dyes, forms, finishes, and inlays make poured concrete an eminently customizable surface. Consider concrete for your new countertop material. 

Polished Concrete

A polished concrete countertop is an attractive option for a modern kitchen. Polished concrete offers a mirror-like finish that reflects the lighting in your space. Likewise, contractors can dye the concrete almost any color. Consider selecting a primary color, such as blue, red or yellow. Having such a bold-coloured countertop in your kitchen gives the décor a pop art appeal enhanced by the gloss of the polished surface.

Natural Concrete

Another option for a contemporary kitchen is leaving the concrete in its natural state. This gives your room an industrial feel. Such a profile blends well with glossy stainless steel appliances and the clean lines typical of modern design.  For this look, aim for a wide expanse of seamless concrete to enhance the industrial vibe of your kitchen. Contractors can add white sand to the mix and finish it with a low-gloss sealer so that your countertop presents a neutral profile.

Creative Inserts

Because contractors pour the concrete, they can add practically anything to the wet slab. For example, if you're aiming for a beach vibe in your kitchen, consider having the concrete stained sand-coloured, and have the contractors insert a selection of sea glass into one corner. They can even dye different parts of the slab turquoise to promote the beach scene. Alternatively, have found objects, such as antique silverware or bottle caps, inserted along the border.

Decorative Inlays

If you don't fancy that much whimsy in your kitchen, consider more regular inlays for your concrete countertop. For instance, if you have a large kitchen island, break up the center with a mosaic of glass tiles. Alternatively, promote the cohesion of your design by having the same tiles in your backsplash incorporated into your countertop. If you want to keep the surface seamless, have the tiles inlaid into the edge of the slab.

Detailed Edges

Concrete countertops offer you numerous design options for the edging. Indeed, as the Concrete Network points out, the use of rubber molds allows contractors to create edges not available in natural stone or even Formica. The edging can help further the overall decor of your kitchen. So if your kitchen is traditional or Old World, consider an edging with scrolls or even corbels. Alternatively, an aggregate edge complements a rustic kitchen design.

Let the versatility of concrete drive the overall look of your kitchen countertops. Contact a local outlet, such as Premo Concrete LTD concrete construction, for further assistance.



4 February 2016

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