Make Concrete Items to Add to Your Landscaping


If you are looking for a way to add a personalized touch to your landscaping then you can create a few items out of concrete to put around your yard. These pieces will help to give your yard a look you like in a way that adds your own special touch to it. You can make one or more of the items below from concrete.

Stepping Stones

Making your own stepping stones allows you to make functional stones you can use to walk through an area of your yard. Each stone can be decorated in a way of your choosing so you can get the affect you want.

To make the stepping stone, you want to mix fast drying concrete mix with water. Make the mixture so it has the consistency of cake batter. Pour the mixture into a round cake pan. Once the mixture sets for a moment, it will firm up a bit. At this point, you can add stones, shells or rocks to it in order to give the stepping stone a mosaic design. Or, you can use a pencil or stick to write a special message on it.

Once the concrete has dried completely, you can pop the stepping stone out of the cake pan. Allow the stone to continue drying for at least a week before you actually step on it.

Garden Stool

You can make a short garden stool you can use to add a special touch to your garden that you can also sit on.

To make the stool you will mix the concrete in the same manner as you would to make a stepping stone. Pour the mixture in a plastic bucket lined with a sheet of plastic (this makes it easy for you to pull out the stool once the concrete has dried).

Take three thick and round pieces of wood (pieces about the thickness of a broom stick would work fine) and stick them directly into the concrete mix at least halfway in. Allow the piece to dry completely and pull it out of the bucket using the plastic sheet.


You can make concrete planters by pouring concrete mixture into a plastic lined coffee can and pushing a smaller sized coffee can into it. Put a few rocks into the smaller can so it stays in place. Once the concrete has dried, pull out the smaller can and then pull the concrete out using the plastic. Wear a face mask and use a fine grit sandpaper to sand the plantar smooth on the outside.

You can have a lot of fun making the items detailed above. Once you get used to making them, you can start making your own changes to them as well.If you need a little help with incorporating concrete in your landscaping, consider looking into local professionals, such as J & J Precast Ltd patios.


7 December 2015

how concrete can beautify your driveway

Every spring, I spend hours raking up the gravel that has washed out of my driveway into my yard. This is the first spring that I haven't had to deal with the back-breaking task of pulling all of the stones out of the yard and putting them back in my driveway. Last fall, I decided that I was going to spend the money to have the driveway finished with concrete. I thought that since I was spending the money for the project that I would go all out and have the concrete finished in a decorative way. My blog includes a lot of information and examples that can help you learn how beautiful your concrete driveway can really be.