Furnishing Your Home With Concrete


Concrete is an industrial material that has been used in construction for many years. While people traditionally associate concrete with outdoor use, modern interior designers are reinventing this material by giving it a new place inside the home.

If you want to give your own living space an industrial edge, here are three types of furniture made from concrete to incorporate into your home in the future.

1. Coffee Tables

Having a coffee table can really tie together any seating area within your home. Since coffee tables serve as both an accent feature and a focal point for a given seating area, incorporating a concrete coffee table into your design scheme is a great way to lend an industrial vibe to your living space.

Concrete coffee tables come in many different styles. If your home is more traditional, try investing in a coffee table that marries concrete with natural wood elements. Full concrete coffee tables can easily be introduced into a home with contemporary decor without disrupting the design flow.

2. Bedside Tables

Placing a table near your bed gives you a place to put your phone, lamp, or alarm clock. Opting to introduce concrete bedside tables can give your bedroom an updated look. As an added bonus, it's easy to make bedside tables yourself by using toy building blocks to assemble a mold.

Once your mold has been constructed and your concrete is curing, you can build a drawer from some plywood pieces, and finish off the face of the drawer with a nice piece of walnut. Making your own concrete bedside tables is a fun way to incorporate this modern decorating trend into your home's design.

3. Decorative Tabletop

If you are tired of featuring a boring table in your dining room, concrete provides the perfect medium to spice up your dining room design. Before concrete has been fully cured, designs can be stamped into the face of the concrete. You can use concrete stamping techniques to create a decorative dining room table for your home.

Start out by creating a mold that you can pour the concrete into. Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer's specifications, then apply a color hardener and releasing agent to the surface of the concrete. Lay your stamp out on the surface of the concrete, and let it cure. Once the stamp is removed you will have a decorative tabletop for your home.

Purchasing or creating concrete furniture can be a great way to update your home's interior. Try introducing a concrete coffee table, bedside tables, or decorative tabletop in the near future.

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10 July 2015

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